Joon S. Han

Business strategy expert Joon S. Han, founded Better San Diego, a strategic alignment company, and served as its strategy specialist until recently retiring from active client work to focus on helping small businesses through his book "Get Ahead by Giving Back" and the accompanying world-class training event "Give Getters Rule!"

Joon is also the Co-Host of "Your Biz Rocks" - a highly-acclaimed weekly business podcast helping entrepreneurs with down-to-earth business advice that's out of this world.

He is also on the faculty for University of San Diego's Online Marketing Strategies program.

His pet peeves are when people say, "could care less" instead of "couldn't" and when someone speaks on leadership when they've never led anything in their life.

Joon is excited to share proven strategies to help you attract more of your ideal clients and increase your margins so that you have more time and resources for those that matter most to you (and to take real vacations every year)!

Always feel free to learn more about Joon and hit him up on LinkedIn!

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