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Hey, how many business experts just give away their time? Well, I got into this business to help small business owners just like you. I've heard over the years that many entrepreneurs either can't afford me or are intimidated to hire someone to help improve their business. Well, let's get over all of that and grow you business shall we? I generally have 5 OHs a month, during one of my favorite times - lunch or dinner! Between my workshop schedule and my kids' extracurriculars, it's hard to have a set schedule for this but it's near and dear to my heart so pay attention on Twitter and join me here - (Yelp)

My only rules are...

  • You must buy something to eat at the restaurant (sorry man, just a drink doesn't count...)
  • You're comfortable about other people listening and learning from your question/situation
  • You're respectful and mindful of other people that are there to learn from me just like you are

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