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"Behind every business is a powerful dream for you and your loved ones... that's why my passion is for you to grow from being way too busy to being very effective. I want you to have more time and money for those that matter most to you!"

"Sometimes you have to pay thousands on your way to find the right person that will help you pin point what has to be done for your individual business, someone who could filter through oceans of knowledge and just get to the point. I made more progress in one month working with Joon than I have in an entire year with other experts. He is one of a kind."

Reut Schwartz-Hebron President, KindExcellence Institute

"Joon has been an EXCELLENT resource for providing a deep insight into my business strategies and planning. His methods, tools and dedicated service has provided tremendous benefits to the growth of my organization. He is very diligent and sensitive about his customer's needs. A great resource for business strategy, personal growth and overall success planning and motivation! I strongly recommend Joon for any business related consulting."

Sanjiv Prabhakaran President & CEO, Bytes Inc

"One year ago I was working for "the man" doing the 9-5 thing. When I met Joon, that all changed. His methods gave me the confidence to go out in the field and make my hobby grow into a business. He has clear ideas of how business works and has been able to get it down to a science and an art. Within months of working with Joon, he has helped me grow my business to bring in over twice the amount I was getting paid at my regular job. Thanks to Joon I can take on bigger, more ambitious challenges."

Timothy Barnes President, Delicious Design

"I recommend Joon Han’s business course to anyone with serious aspirations for business growth. Joon’s style is engaging and thought provoking. I gained a number of new perspectives including an improved customer loyalty survey, a much better definition of the exit strategy for our business, and new ideas for strategic alignments. In addition, the exercises we did during the 10-week business planning process generated materials that we now use in new business presentations and we have already won two major new clients."

Lynn Nye, PhD President, Medical Minds

"I wanted to Thank You for the advice both now and in the class last year. I also wanted to let you know that I have been implementing many of the tools that I learned from you. Let's just say that I have made a process for everything. The office is running smoother, it is easier to train new hires and production has increased. This has resulted in reduced payroll.

Right now I am preparing the company for the the next wave. I am confident that we will be ready and everyone will be well trained.

All of this has resulted in me being able to take a well deserved vacation to Kauai. I leave the day after tomorrow and it feels good to to know that the office will run itself. It will make the vacation more enjoyable.

Once again, sincere Thanks"

Roger Ramirez Office Manager, Apartment Finders

"This course gives motivated business owners an extra edge that helps add value to our customers and positions us to better compete in the market place.

As you know, Joon is a very knowledgeable and well connected professional. He brings his own brand of "down to earth" approaches to trouble-shooting common business challenges. While my finance degree from the University of Virginia provided me with excellent business cases and cutting edge theory, Joon's course drove home a lot of the fundamentals that really drive businesses."

TC Chesser President, Armor-Tek Coatings

"Joon's business course was extremely valuable for me. I attended every session and completed each week’s assignment. The result was a comprehensive binder, detailing our company’s entire business processes, broken down by each department. This will save us a tremendous amount of time training new employees and tracking their progress. Joon provided real-word examples that made the material easy to digest and even simpler to apply to our business. I would recommend Joon and his course to anyone that is starting out or has hit a wall in growing their business."

Juliana Gulitz Chief Operating Officer, Marketing Pro Consulting

"Meeting on a regular basis with Joon has brought tangible benefits to our company. We are currently working through the goal planning processes which he taught us about. Our company now has a specific mission with clearly defined goals to reach along the way. Joon is well read and has a wealth of experience to draw upon. I also appreciate that he values his family and works hard so he has time to spend with them."

Forest Baker Owner, SDTEK (San Diego Technology Group)

"Joon is a great teacher! His easy-going style made it fun, but his knowledge made it a great, in depth learning experience. I would strongly recommend him as a business consultant."

Brian Ferguson Owner, Ferguson McClure and Associates

"Mr. Han brings a unique perspective to his pedagogy not normally found in a business survey course. Possessing a keen ability to distill high concepts into easily understood language, Mr. Han provides the small business owner a road map toward improvement in all major aspects of day to day operations. While Mr. Han’s unabashed style is not for the timid, in him you will find a willing partner to tackle your largest business problems, even if those problems happen to be you."

Charlie Upham Owner, Shape Shifter Consulting